All About Market Rates of Private Tutors

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All About Market Rates of Private Tutors

Postby mathmaster » Wed Dec 02, 2015 5:34 pm

I came across this website and come into it when i was searching the communities for tutors and parents. When I read through the threads, I realized how great we come up with the common concerns regarding to choose the most suitable tutor for kid. There is no sense that kid should be put into a group class learning same content at the same pace. The result would be "fast learners feel bored or slower learners lag behind or even both", depending on what tutor pick up for revision.

So I and some of the professors and PhD from NUS, are planning to conduct a free and rewarding workshop program focusing on personalize learning by combining online and offline service. Based on the conceptional interviews we did before with tutors and parents, we design a new flow for tutors, students and parents to follow. Data analytics and pedagogical method will be utilized in the program to ensure that every student will be provided personalized study plan based on personal evaluation and diagnosis. Parents will get a transparent report about child's study. To name a few features. We have a strong engineer team to support you!

Not sure if I can announce this conceptional workshop here although it's free, but please kindly correct or navigate me on how o proceed properly. Even we pay qualified tutors $400 per student per month for their tuition service and reward this service for free to the students in need. What we expect to get from the workshop is the customer experience feedback, usability test and effect evaluation.

We are looking for P4-6 math tutors and P4-6 kid as pairs. For the tutors and parents who are interested to join the workshop, please PM me 86433866. We will kick this off soon and we firmly believe it's time for traditional tuition/education to change and evolve with the aid of data tech.

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