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Club Early Childhood Development

Postby NTU Baby Lab » Tue Oct 25, 2016 11:14 am

Do you ever wonder what your baby is thinking about? That’s what we’ll like to find out! The Early Cognition Lab at KidsSTOP™ is recruiting babies and young children for our studies! We ask questions like, “Do babies have a sense of fairness?”, and “Do babies think you should help someone in need?”

We are currently looking for babies aged 12 months to 36 months and it will be held at KidsSTOP, Science Centre. The study will be very simple and it just involves showing your child a short video of people interacting. Each session will last about 30 minutes and after the session, your family (2 adults and participating child) will get free admission into KidsSTOP, where there are exciting educational facilities catered for children’s play. Alternatively, you can also opt for a token of appreciation for your child.

We are open on Friday (afternoon only), Saturday and Sunday!
For more information, do visit our website at
If you are interested to participate, please contact us at or sign up at our website.

If you have any friends with children within the age range stated above and whom you think will be interested in helping us out, do spread our message to them!

Feel free to email us if you have any queries.

Thank you!

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