Any gynae to recommend?

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Re: Any gynae to recommend?

Post by MrsKiasu » Sun Apr 10, 2016 3:13 pm

Sun, I would think my gynae is good for pregnancy related things but not sure for irregular period. If need his info. You let know.

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Re: Any gynae to recommend?

Post by SelvaV » Tue May 31, 2016 2:31 pm

I have had 2.5 years experience with Selina Chua and I can honestly tell you, stay away. Here is my story.

When I was 12 weeks pregnant, she was referred to me by another doctor who told me she had a bad personality but that she was very experienced. I decided not to pay attention to all the negative comments as I thought experience would be enough so I made an appointment. I really wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt, and even defended her from negative comments at first, posting in her defence on this very thread.

My pregnancy was happily uneventful so I had no real reason to have any interaction with her other than the very pragmatic monthly scan. In a couple of occasions, when asking her basic questions, she exhibited very negative personality traits, all the ones mentioned by other people on this post. She was very rude in her response and held a grudge for several visits.

Two days before my due date, during a routine visit, I asked her at what point I would see her in the delivery room and only then did she tell me that she would not be present during my labor as she was going on vacation. Since it was my first pregnancy I panicked. I had paid the hefty fees to ensure I could build some type of relationship with my doctor so I would have a familiar face in the delivery room. She had known about her vacation for the entire time I had been her patient and never thought to tell me she would not be there.
Furthermore, she never made an effort to introduce me to the doctor who would be taking her place.

When I got home, I called her back asking her to please introduce me to the doctor who would be delivering my child, and told her politely that I would have appreciated it if she had told me earlier that she was not planning to be there. She was very rude on the phone, never apologised, never showed any understanding and attacked me for being "recriminatory", even hung up the phone.

At that stage, no other doctor would take me as there is a rule in Singapore where no doctor can take you from another doctor when you are so close to delivery. So I had no choice but to cross my fingers and hope the doctor she referred to me would be good. Thankfully she was, and so much more gentle and human than Selina Chua. A couple days after the delivery, Selina Chua was back from her vacation so she showed up in the hospital room for the postnatal checkup. I was still upset and disappointed but my experience with the other doctor had been great so I decided to let it go.

One and a half years later, I was pregnant again. I really wanted to see the doctor who had delivered my daughter but could not, so I went back to Selina Chua, at least I knew worse case scenario i would be in the caring hands of the doctor who delivered my child.

Unfortunately, my baby turned out to have signs of possible chromosomal abnormalities. Selina Chua was very cold about it, and refused to answer any of my questions. I was full of fear and questions, but had no support whatsoever. I went home and read as much as I could and when I called back asking her if she could help me understand she attacked me for checking the internet and doubting her and refused to speak to me.

The day the preliminary test came back showing chromosomal abnormalities, she called me, sat me down in her office, pulled out a ruler, underlined the horrible diagnosis, sent me to watch an abortion video. She also told me she would have a psychiatrist contact me (she never did). I was in her office for less than 3 minutes and never once did she say 'I am sorry for what you are going through" or showed any empathy at all. Her office gave me pills to take home to initiate labor and scheduled me for termination 2 days later.

I was full of questions and fears, never in my life have I cried so much. When I got home, I realised that we had not even received the final results of the DNA test yet, what I was shown were the preliminary ones. So I called Selina Chua back to find out if it was worth waiting for the full results, and find out what the chances were that the baby could be ok. I could not give my baby up so easily, with no questions answered and no understanding of what was really going on. This baby was wanted and meant the world to me. She was not available so I was told she would call me back. When Doctor Chua called back she was extremely upset that we were bothering her again. She said my husband and I were acting irrational and that we had had our answer, what more did we want? When we asked her what would happen if we terminated and then for some reason the final results showed baby was ok, she said "It's unlikely, but in that case I would not tell you". I was shocked.

I decided then that i should see someone else, so I could get all my questions answered and maybe have some human understanding and compassion. My baby deserved it. I saw another doctor who was really fantastic, so sweet, answered all my questions, scanned my baby for an hour, shared all possible scenarios and even referred me to a super specialist at KK. At KK I received amazing care.

As far as Selina Chua, I never showed up at my termination appointment. However she never called me to see what had happened, if i had changed my mind, why i didn't show up. She only called a couple weeks later with the final results but delivered them in a very cold way (got the final results, they are positive, bye), never once asking me what I was planning to do, or when I would go back to see her, or if i had decided to keep that baby and in that case the course of action I should take. She simply dropped me, in a moment of my life that was possible the saddest and hardest ever. I was in her care and she totally abandoned me because I had dared ask questions. At KK, without even asking, I was referred to and followed by specialists, genetic counsellors, psychologists and social workers. Selina Chua never even had the psychiatrist call me, as she had promised.

Hopefully nothing of this sort will happen to any of you, I do not wish it upon my worse enemy, but if it ever did I do pray that you will not be in the care of Selina Chua. Yes, she is experienced, but frankly, most of what she does, with today's technology, can be done by any good practitioner in her field. But anything that you cannot automate, empathy, human qualities, tact and understanding of context are totally alien to her. And the saddest thing is, she really does not care about her patients at all.

If experience is the only thing you are looking for, she may still be the doctor for you, but if you think you may even have one question in the course of your pregnancy that you would like answered, I suggest you stay away.

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Re: Any gynae to recommend?

Post by CMF » Tue May 31, 2016 2:46 pm

Sun_2010 wrote:Looking for a Gynae to consult - about teenagers who have irregular periods.

Any reco?
Can look up Dr Lim Yuin Wen at Mount Alvernia:

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Re: Any gynae to recommend?

Post by naomiwong001 » Tue Feb 28, 2017 5:25 pm

justlynne wrote:I'm interested to look for a new gynae. Prefer female though
anyone to recommend?
A year ago, my friend shared to me to visit Dr. Regina Zuzarte-Ng in Clementi. We want the best for our firstborn so I’m really glad that everything went well. Dr Regina helped us during my pregnancy and until labor. I wouldn’t hesitate suggesting her too. She’s very caring :grphug: to my family esp to my little baby boy. This is her site should you need info

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Re: Any gynae to recommend?

Post by EffectiveTuition » Sun Mar 19, 2017 4:36 pm

If anyone lives in the Eastern part of Singapore, Dr Heng Tung Lan is very good. Experienced, calm, friendly..and she explains everything very well so that we don't feel worried.

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Re: Any gynae to recommend?

Post by Blinglingzing » Mon Sep 16, 2019 9:16 am

USgrad wrote:
Fri Jan 17, 2014 11:39 pm
I highly recommend Dr Kelly Loi.

She has a first class honors from Oxford and had trained at John Hopkins as well as hospitals affiliated to Harvard, Oxford and Imperial College. Very competent in what she does and does the cut and stitches very well (I hardly need any pain killers). She's also an IVF specialist.

What impresses me about her is the way she stayed with me throughout when I was vomiting in hospital when she came to see me, when most doctors would have gone away and come back when I'm ready to be examined. She made sure the nurses gave me what I wanted, comforted me and even help clean me up after that. She saw me 2 to 3 times a day when I was in hospital though she only need to and charged for 1 visit a day. She is very patient and soft spoken, willing to take time (longer than what some gynae would spend on consultation) to entertain my questions and complaints over the phone even though she wasn't paid for it. When I experienced pain and discomfort that is to be expected, instead of dismissing it as normal, she assured me that it's normal and spend time to comfort and 'sayang' me.
Hi USGrad! Wondering how your scarring was under Dr Loi? Did you do a C-section or are you referring to episotomy stitches?

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