Outbreak of HFMD in singapore

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do you think the Singapore government is doing enough in counteracting outbreaks such as HFMD?

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Outbreak of HFMD in singapore

Postby ingridho » Thu Jan 08, 2009 10:15 pm

hey parents.
i am a high school student that is currently working on a research projectwork concerning HFMD in singapore.
it would be great if you can spare some time to answer some of my questions:D

Do you think that the Singapore government is doing enough(the SOP,publicity,educating the public etc.) to prevent the outbreak of HFMD?
why and why not?

Is the singapore government efficient in gaining control of the situation or carrying out procedures as compared to other affected countries?(e.g China)

What do you think are the main causes of the frequent outbreaks yearly?

Thank you for your precious time!
your help is greatly appreciated!
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Postby sashimi » Fri Jan 09, 2009 10:40 am

Can you define "doing enough"? Your question is very generic, so it's very hard to answer.

As to why outbreaks occur, my opinion is that it's caused by:
1) Complacency
2) General lack of responsibility in society, where people who are obviously sick continue to go to work, take public transport, etc and thus spread diseases, including all manner of viruses. These people also do not cover up (compare Japan where if you have the flu, you at least wear a hygiene mask when out).
3) ... Exacerbated by overcrowding.
4) Incompetent doctors who fail to diagnose HFMD correctly and allow affected kids to go to school (True Story).
5) Poor health, poor diet, poor resistances in people as a whole, due to modern lifestyle.
6) Media paranoia - the seriousness of outbreaks is in fact, not serious, but is made to sound very serious thanks to media sensationalism. Eg. why was SARS taken so seriously when cancer kills more people everyday?

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