Advice needed: Child Psychiatrist

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Advice needed: Child Psychiatrist

Postby thursday » Mon Feb 28, 2011 10:17 am

Hi all

New to this forum. Hoping to get some advice. :?:

My friends' 7-yr kid seems to have some issues. Cries for hours night before school, cries for hours morning of school, does not want to go school at all. Not just school, the kid cries over different issues. As long as something triggers her, she will cry for hours.

Anyway am friends with both parents, and I think they might need some prof. help.

Qn: Any recommendations for a good child Psychiatrist or therapist? I remember watching this show a few years back, "我不是不听话". Some of the kids worked with a therapist but I can't find the name of that therapist. Wondering if anyone can help here.

Thanks in adv!

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