Benefits of Pearl Powder for kids

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Benefits of Pearl Powder for kids

Postby Jworld » Thu Mar 08, 2012 9:09 pm

I read from somewhere that pearl powder can be quite beneficial for kids. Not only it can calm the kid to promote better sleep at night (ie. prevent night cry and reduce frequency of nightmares), it also has other benefits like better memory, improved immune system and better mental focus & capacity.

Here is a copy and paste from one of the few websites that I researched from:

Benefits of Taking Pearl Powder

    Live a longer, healthier and happier life.
    Develop a radiant, youthful complexion by stimulating
    new skin growth and collagen regeneration.
    Grow strong bones by revitalizing bone regeneration.
    Strengthen the heart and promote strong and healthy heart beat.
    Promote healthy blood pressure.
    Promote healthy cholesterol levels.
    Support healthy eyesight.
    Support healthy memory and mental acuity.
    Support immune system.
    Promote peaceful mind and well-being.
    Promote restful sleep.
    Help improve children's mental focus and capacity and overall health.

Is there any parent here whose kid has benefited from consumption of pearl powder, would like to share more?

Or is there any parent who has heard anything (good or bad) about pearl powder?

All input welcome :)

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Re: Benefits of Pearl Powder for kids

Postby dolphinsiah » Fri Mar 09, 2012 9:20 am

I used Pearl Powder when my kids are having cough (chest congestion with lots of phlegm)..... :smile:

It really can check with those sinseh in the traditional medical hall.

I heard over dosage of Pearl Powder is no good as it will cause kidneys to have stones....
So long term not know what is the effect lor.... :skeptical:

Heard of Pearl Powder is good for complexion too....but do not know about
giving health benefits... :roll:

Anyway to me eating supplements must be always moderately....overdose will cause problem :please:

My theory if this supplement is so good....scientistic , entrepreurs will be driving the price of this Pearl Powder gold, oil....everybody is targeting it.... :pray:

Eat everything moderately.... :imcool:

Just to share with you ...I noticed that nowdays there are so many supplements selling in the shops....from Vit C A B D....Minerals.....
All claimed to help the body build immunity ..... :?:

But I find that if each day I am taking so many supplements ... my body definitly cannot absorb so much.....
Just like eating too much ...become too fat....
The excess will cause harm to my internal organ....
Bear in mind all these capsules directly or indirectly is processed with chemicals....

So normally when the Sales Staff approach me...I will always tell them too much supplements...the body cannot absorb....

I just take Vit C , Ginko and Mangesium.... :imcool:

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