Which salon do you go for Hair Perm?

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Which salon do you go for Hair Perm?

Postby sleepy » Wed Apr 04, 2012 9:56 am

Any ladies who are completely satisfied with your perm?

Even if I armed with various photos, communicated thoroughly the look I want, I still ended up looking like a disaster each & every time.

Please share your stylist :?:
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Re: Perm Hair

Postby cherrygal » Wed Apr 04, 2012 11:17 am

No recommendations as I stylist hop, but so far, I realised you shouldn't go to a male stylist if you wanna perm. Females will understand our expectations better, esp if you going for a perm that a celebrity has.

Males are good for cutting but not very good for perms. Perming is an art form (coz u never know how it will turn out till u release the curlers) whereas cutting is based on precision.

My logic and experience la...

I went to a male stylist my fren recommended to cut my fringe and he was really good, very detailed and precise. But the curls he did for my fren were not very good leh... so I decided to take my perming elsewhere even though he had a 2-month waiting list.

And so far, the best curls I had were done by a female stylist. I hesitate to recommend coz it's a neighbourhood one and not sure what you expect...

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