WTA : How to increase body fat for skinny kids

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WTA : How to increase body fat for skinny kids

Postby BeContented » Mon Jul 02, 2012 2:01 am

Just got a weighing machine recently that can measure body fats (estimate probably), body fats & bone mass % & BMI.

Realised my skinny son has <3kg of fats (<7% of his weight). Think it's too low so hoping to see how to pile some good fats on him.
Any suggestions? DS actually has quite a good appetite but tend to go more for veg. Besides 3 full meals, he takes tea break & supper too (snacks like pastry, cornflake,etc.

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Re: WTA : How to increase body fat for skinny kids

Postby junemom » Mon Jul 02, 2012 7:17 am

My DS also has similar issue, however I have "resigned" to let nature take its course.
Though he looks skinny, but his overall growth is above average 88-95%, so I am not that worried. He eats well too. Also very active (maybe thats why he burns up more fats LOL)
I have check with his peds, and he asked, if I want a healthy kid, or a potentially obese kid? Since he is growing and eating well, it doesn't matter what shape or size.
I have learnt to ignore all comments given to me," why he is so skinny?", " You should feed him more.. etc etc

My suggestion if he eats more veg, is try to "hide" meat in his meals.
Mince meat for example (meat balls, of mince fish). And drink lots of soup since all the protein are in it. The idea of mincing the meat is so that he doesn't see the meat as a big portion (taking long time to chew). So he may eat more and faster as well.

Hope it helps.

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