Beauty care- sheet mask

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Beauty care- sheet mask

Postby chloecube » Fri Aug 03, 2012 2:47 pm

hi to all beauty lover,

i do not know if this is the correct column to place this topic as i couldnt find any "Beauty thread" here :lol:

recently my forehead and cheek area is rather dry, i started using sheet mask from sasa and MBD. since i have a lot in the fridge, given by frds during xmas, and normally i dun like using sheet mask, prefer those from tube or tub kind, and they are goin to expire soon, i might as well use it than go to waste.
have been using it daily for a week now and the result is amazing. my skin appear fairer and hydrated.
but i wasnt sure if it is fine to use on a daily basis.
any advise?

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