itchy and watery ear

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itchy and watery ear

Postby hky1216 » Fri Sep 07, 2012 10:49 am

My DD, 7 years old, has chronic itchy and watery ear problems. She has eczema and very sensitive eyes nose and airways and it now seems to have spreaded to her ears. Have seen at least 3 doctos (GP, allergy specialist, ENT doctor) and all said there is NO infection inside the ears. The itch could be a result of dry ear canal and advised us to use vaseline/ non-medicated ear oil to moisturize her ears. But it doesn't help. In fact, the vaseline and the ear oil irritates her ears even more and make her even more itchy. I don't usually let her use Q-tips as i know it will aggravate her itchiness. But sometimes she cannot stand the itch and cry for Q-tips! The itch really bothers her and it drives me nuts to keep seeing her digging her ears. I am desperately looking for anyone who has similar experience, how do you overcome the itchiness inside the ears? Is it really not an infection? Help!!! :cry:

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Re: itchy and watery ear

Postby cherrygal » Sat Sep 08, 2012 3:24 pm

Have you seen a dermatologist? Itch can only be suppressed with either steroidal creams or anti-histamines (allergy medicines).

Check her for dust mite allergy (can be done at dermatologist) and make sure you wash her bed linen every week with hot water. Invest in a washer or dryer that can heat up to 60 degrees Celsius. Dust mites can cause the symptoms you mentioned.

As with hand eczema, oil-based creams can make the inflamed rashes even itchier. Use a water-based moisturiser (Physiogel / Cetaphil) mixed with a mild steroidal cream like hydrocortisone (ask pharmacist). A non-steroidal cream that is quite good for eczema is Egoderm.

Do also check with the dermatologist if it's Psoriasis. Then that will require a totally different method in managing the condition.

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