Hospital mistaken deceased patient as my father

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Hospital mistaken deceased patient as my father

Postby Sunflower03 » Wed Nov 21, 2012 12:41 pm

Did anyone of you face this before? How to handle this even though the hospital had investigated and apologized to us. But I simply can't let it go so easily.

As they had caused lots of inconveniences and trauma to me, my family as well as siblings too. (My father has 6 children, imagine that my poor brother has to call us one by one in the middle of the night and all of us rushed to hospital in the middle of our sleep). This happened on 20 Nov around 1am plus.

Doctor mistaken other patient as my father and announced that my father has pass away in the middle of the night. Even got my brother to sign death cert.

My brother called 5 of us (siblings), all of us cried and rushed to hospital. One of my brothers and me got to leave our kids at home (as they are asleep) and rushed all the way to Changi Hospital. And I'm the only staying at the West side.

I really you need all of your advises regarding this case. In fact, 3 cases with this hospital.

First, fixed wrong appt for my father to see doctor. Supposed to fix appt with Doc A, they fixed appt with Doc B. Wasted my leave as I took leave to accompany my dad for the review. They even tried to cover it by checking with Doc A, whether can he see my father. Too bad, Doctor A was in the other hospital and only be in Changi Hospital only on certain days. My hubby, father and me waited for few hours - ard 3 to 4hours, I even asked the counter twice how come took so long to see my dad, those patients in front of us already seen the doctor and gone home. Then she refers us to another nurse. That's when we got to know the picture.

I lodged a complaint. They apologized and arranged the earliest date for my dad. Wasted my leave and our time, car petrol and parking.

Second case, mistaken other patient as my father and announced that my dad has passed away.

Third case, I've spoken to the A & E nurse via phone. To request the doctor to examine my dad whether he needs to go for brain scanning. Nurse did not convey the message to the doctor and they could not find any message in my dad's medical folder.

Tell me how to trust this hospital. Btw, my dad staying at Bedok and they only will refer him Changi Hospital.

Any advise from the parents here. What compensation can I ask from the hospital?

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Re: Hospital mistaken deceased patient as my father

Postby ponyo » Wed Nov 21, 2012 1:19 pm

oh my goodness! This is horrifying and you should not have to tolerate such sloppy behaviours.

For the benefit of all the patients (in that hospital) - I cannot imagine what other mistakes they could have covered up, you should write about your experiences and send it to the forum page especially that of mistaking another dead patient as your father. How upsetting it must be for the family!

Something is wrong with their SOP...

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Re: Hospital mistaken deceased patient as my father

Postby WeiHan » Wed Nov 21, 2012 4:52 pm

The issue is that if they screw such thing, they could have easily screw up other matters such as giving medicine from patient A to patient B or worse still, operate on the wrong organ.

Is our health care system overloaded such that staffs start to make mistakes? Doctors start to resign to join private service and better still do cosmetic surgeries that make more money? All these are better than slogging in the hospitals.

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