Free Health Screening by SCCS

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Free Health Screening by SCCS

Postby AnalectsReader » Mon Aug 03, 2009 4:15 pm

My body fat is always way too high above standard (20-27) but I was too giam siap to do a health screening, can't bear to see :moneyflies: :( . My friend told me an economic way to do a health screening for free :idea: by taking part in this SCCS. :
"The Singapore Consortium of Cohort Studies (SCCS) is a long-term health study which started in 2006. Its goal is to discover how genetic, lifestyle, diet and other environmental factors interact to impact our health. Conditions like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and certain cancers will be researched. Through this study, we hope to discover ways to prevent common diseases and their complications. This study will eventually involve large number of Singaporeans who are Chinese, Malay or Indian, and from a wide age group."

Hmm hmm... getting a free health screening of course is not the only reason for my family to take part in this study. We think it's a chance to benefit community and nation by playing a part in this study to make possible- medical discoveries to improve the well-being of ourselves, our children and Singaporeans in the long run.

Participation in this health study is voluntary and participants may withdraw at any time without giving any reasons.

Hmm... 8) huh... i can write so well...
:lol: confession: I copied the above 2 paragraph from their pamplet :lol:

I called up SCCS Hotline at 64789608 and a lady named Hamidah took down my particulars and asked me to wait for an interviewer to call us within 1~2 weeks.

We met the interviewer Jeslyn (mobile 91992082) last weekend. It took about 1 to 1.5 hr (per person) for her to explain the purpose of the study, the procedures involved, blah-blah-blah, and also to conduct a very detail survey with us, including our relatives health conditions, eating habits, what we consumed for the past 1 month (how many portion of white rice, brown rice, meat, fish,vege...)etc.

They will call us in about 1 month time to schedule our health screening sessions at Bukit Batok Community Centre, which will take about 1 hr, according to the interviewer. We will receive our health screening reports done by NUH later. Subsequently newsletters will be sent to us to keep us updated on the progress of the study.

If you are interested in taking part in this study, call SCCS hotline or the interviewer Jeslyn directly. Numbers as indicated above.

Who can take part?
-bet. 21-75 yo
-Chinese, Malay or Indian
-Either gender

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