Bone Marrow Donor Programme

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Bone Marrow Donor Programme

Postby mathsparks » Tue Sep 08, 2009 8:27 pm

Every year thousands of children & adults with fatal bone marrow diseases, like Leukaemia, lymphoma and other blood related disorders reach a stage when their only hope of survival is a blood stem cell transplant from a donor who shares the same ‘tissue type’.
Although family members, mainly siblings may offer the best match, unfortunately most patients do not have a suitable sibling match and are reliant on an unrelated donor to offer them the chance of life.

All that is needed from you is a small sample of blood. You may turn out to be a matching donor – with the same tissue type as the patient’s. It will cost you nothing to join the BMDP Register, but not acting quickly enough could cost someone their life.

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I've been a registered bone marrow donor for 3 years. Signed up while helping out as a volunteer at the blood donation drive at the SPH centre. As I'm unable to donate blood (veins too small, feel queasy and sick looking at the bags of blood, think I'll faint before they even manage half a bag), this is my way of helping a stranger in dire need. I've been encouraging people around me since then. So successful am I that I had to tell my daughter no when she wanted to sign up in school this year. Told her to wait till next year when she's 17.

Click here for the upcoming recruitment events at wisma atria etc.

PS: Please make sure you are a committed donor; else a patient who's suitably matched with you will most likely die without a transplant as his or her own bone marrow has been wiped out.

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