Yoga By the Sea

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Yoga By the Sea

Postby mathsparks » Sat Sep 12, 2009 3:30 pm

If you've always wanted to try yoga but never had the chance to, check out this event held on Oct 3 at the east coast park

You can sign up yrself/kids/parents for the event or drop by to check it out.

Time Program
4.00pm Arrival of Participants
Stage Performance
5.00pm Yoga Workout - Sun Salutation
6.15pm Breathe Right Through Yoga
6.45pm Yoga for Kids
7.00pm Yoga for Seniors
7.30pm Yoga Performance
7.45pm Yoga Workout - Moon Salutation
9.00pm End of Event

Sun Salutation helps in developing body strength, stamina, flexibility in removing sluggishness of mind, and also habits like procrastination. In addition, it reduces stress and chronic fatigue.

Moon Salutation helps in calming down irritable mind, straightening out the kinks in one's personality, saving the practitioner from being over-ambitious to the point that he goes on self-destructive path and to appreciate life in all the different shades.

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