Should I or should I not go for Trip

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Should I or should I not go for Trip

Postby Awonder » Fri Apr 26, 2013 8:11 am

Hi dear mummies,

Mr elder son (P5) is going for a sch competition in the US for a week, we plan to either me or my husband to follow. Actually the best choice is my hubby cos I still hv to care for my 2 other kids (9 yrs & 4 yrs old).

I'm in a dilemma now cos my hubby said that he can let me go and take the chance to hv a short break since being a housewife for almost 10 yrs. Infact I felt that I indeed needed a break from the routine after being diagnosis with hyperthyroidism 1 yr ago which had since recovered and recently having IBS which most probably due to stress & anxiety.

I feel very tense most of the time and can't hv fun or joke with my kids and I hv rather quick temper too and can see me scolding a lot. I knew I might hv some psychological problem which I can't control myself. I did mention it to my hubby and all along he had being a supporting husband, taking leave whenever I need him.

Eventhough my hubby is a very hands on Dad except cooking, I'm still worry if he could handle especially the younger one as no matter what I'm still their main caregiver and knew their daily routine well at home.

Am thinking if this trip would really be helpful and refresh my mind. Also thinking that this is the first time I am travelling alone with my son, it feel so odd cos all these years we stick together like glue on whatever we do and wherever we go.

If I'm not going, well, it will be as usual for me and thinking instead of making this trip, should I need a long term solution instead.

Hope to hv some good advice. Thank you.

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