White Hairs problem

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White Hairs problem

Postby Quizzer » Mon Jun 03, 2013 8:53 pm

Hi All,

Do you all also have white hair problem like me?

I did not have this white hair problem when i was younger? It all started in

year 2009. That time i was under tremendous stress very soon i noticed

some strands of white hairs appearing. At first i did not pay much attention

to it knowing it clearly it could all be caused by poor diet, stress and

insufficient rest etc. Just thought that it would go away after a while.

After some many years, the same hair problem still persists? Every now

and then i still see hairs slowly turning white? Now i really don't know what's

really causing it? Ageing? What kind of nutrientsi\ am i lacking?

Although the greying is not very obvious, but i just can't help worrying it

might get worse? Any advices what can i do to slow down the amount of

greying hairs ? Thanks. :pray:

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