More Singapore teens getting referred to SOS

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More Singapore teens getting referred to SOS

Postby tankee » Sun Sep 08, 2013 9:26 pm

SINGAPORE - Growing numbers of troubled teenagers are being referred to suicide prevention agency Samaritans of Singapore (SOS).

More than 200 concerned parents or friends have phoned its hotline or written in to seek help on their behalf in the past year, twice as many as in the 12 months before that. Most calls and e-mails come from worried parents who notice their children have been keeping to themselves, staying in their rooms or showing other signs of withdrawal.

The SOS said it was encouraging to see more people picking up signs of distress in those around them. At the same time, it is concerned many young people are finding it difficult to communicate their anguish to others and seek help early.

"They are at a stage of life where they are especially afraid to show their emotions for fear of being ridiculed, dismissed or judged," said its executive director Christine Wong. "Others choose to hide their pain because they don't want their loved ones to be overly worried or to be a burden to them."

She added that it is important to deal with emotional pain before it escalates as feelings of hopelessness and despair can become so overwhelming that they lead sufferers to try to kill themselves.
Singapore's suicide rate hit a 20-year high last year, with the most significant increase coming from those aged 20 to 29. Eighty-three from this group took their lives last year, up from 46 in 2011.

Others try to cope with the pain in harmful ways, such as cutting themselves or turning to alcohol and drugs. Said Ms Wong: "Their silent cries for help are sometimes hidden behind a facade.".......... ... ferred-sos

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Re: More Singapore teens getting referred to SOS

Postby buds » Sun Sep 08, 2013 10:55 pm

Many tend to overlook emotional pain amongst all other pains regardless in children or in adults. But these pains are real and they are often pretty much hidden from society. Yes, the fact that sufferers may or may not have gone through the experiences of being ridiculed, dismissed or more often than not they are easily judged for having the pain that they have for others may not be able to empathize the kind of pain they are going through which can in turn lead to depression, anxiety, despair and later the emotions consume and overwhelm so much that it can ignite suicidal thoughts. While there can be others who show nothing on the surface in light of wanting to lead more positive lives behind all that pain, there are also sufferers who show clear signs of emotional distress or anguish. There are no clear help centres for people suffering from emotional distress and most end up reclusive or just hide the pain they are facing in the hope that the pain will go away. Unless these sufferers help a form of emotional support, be it from family and really really good close friends who will not judge them, they can be lost in this pain for a very long time. This piece of health news is something to be concern about and my heart goes out to all of these troubled teens.

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