Gnrh injection by Dr Peter Chew

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Gnrh injection by Dr Peter Chew

Postby bellebelle2011 » Wed Nov 27, 2013 4:45 pm

Hi mummies

I have some questions. Hope you can help me :) as im the anxious and worrisome type.

I am 37 this year, with a 2 year old girl and am a new patient of Dr Peter Chew.
Prior to seeing him, I had 3 m/cs this year, while trying for a second child, of which the first one was at 8 weeks, while the rest were biochemical pregnancies (very early miscarriages < 4 weeks). I was traumatised beyond words as a few of my relatives were pregnant this year. The pressure was immense..... :(

I switched doctors to Dr Peter Chew. He suspected endometriosis and did laparoscopy on me. He diagnosed me with moderate endometriosis and said there were some on my intestines which he could not laser away as it will puncture my intestines. Therefore he suggested to me to do Gnrh shots for 3 mths to clear away the remaining endo.

So now i have taken the first shot of gnrh and all 4 shots will be given over 3 mths.
I am confused as dr chew keep emphasizing that i can still try for baby while on treatment. But i checked internet, it says NOT to try during treatment.

Has anyone had similar experiences before? And how long did u get pregnant after the last gnrh injection?

Hope someone can help. Thanks :)

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