Tourette Syndrome mummy

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Tourette Syndrome mummy

Postby Elias » Wed Apr 30, 2014 10:47 pm

I am a mummy of 2 with vocal and facial twitches and tics whenever I feel stressed. I feel really embrassed in front my kids and their classmates. How do we overcome this?

Any mummies in same boat as me and care to chat and give each other encouragement. Pls drop me PM

would love to hear from you all:)

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Re: Tourette Syndrome mummy

Postby taz » Mon May 19, 2014 12:09 pm

:hugs: to you.
I only came to know of this when my nephew was diagnosed with it when he is primary school, now he is in Poly. Yes, my sis is still stressed when my nephew stressed in PSLE, secondary school and now Poly.
When in stress, the tics will act up more.
Are u on medication ? Understand that it has side effects.

U has to keep recap to yourself that it is not within your control & try to calm yourself when u know that your stress is increasing. Yes, it is easy to say than do but u has to try.
When trying not to stress is also creating stress.
Don't hide the fact of Tourette Syndrome fr your kids or family, share with them what is it and why u has the twitches & tics. T
How old is your kids ?

With regard to their classmates, how much to reveal is up to your comfort level. Mentioned briefly u has Tourette Syndrome which cause vocal & facial tics if it helps.

There is 1 old movie 叫我第一名 that I accidentally find it from mobile phone movie app (I forgotton which apps already) which is a real story abt a young boy with tics and how he overcome it to become a teacher & got the best teacher award... it is very touching show.
Look for this movie. Watch it with your kids and explain. It is easier for them relate.
Accept it & don't feel embarrassed. Count our blessings.

:hugs: to you again.

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