Diagnose Me programme on EVE channel

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Diagnose Me programme on EVE channel

Postby Han Seo » Mon Jan 04, 2016 11:55 am

Anyone watch 'Diagnose Me' programme on EVE channel? I watched it for the first time early this morning and find it very educational. This morning's episode was about a woman in her 50s with excessive sweating (she looked as if she just came out of the pool) and a man with uncontrollable itch all over his body, 'as if there are thousands of bugs crawling all over me' as stated in his own words.

In both cases, the patients were driven to depression and even suicidal thoughts as the doctors could not find out the reasons, worse, some of the medical professionals gave the wrong diagnosis! In the woman's case, she saw a psychologist, after seeing a gynae who diagnosed her condition as hot flush and prescribed HRT but her condition did not improve. The psychologist (I wonder why psychologists in the States can prescribe medication?) diagnosed her illness as anxiety related and prescribed a medication that has excessive sweating as a side effect!

In the woman's case, the woman's husband went to the Internet and found out a drug that can cure her, so he asked her doctor to prescribe the medication. The doctor was reluctant at first but finally gave in. And lo and behold, it cured her. However, what caused her condition remains a mystery.

In the second case, the diagnosis from the medical professionals the man had consulted ranged from scabies (although a pharmacist in a drug company he had called up to inquire about their products for scabies told him he was unlikely to have the condition after he described his symptoms to him) to nerve damage. He was slapped with a $14,000 bill for the test for nerve damage and he swore never to go back to the doctor again. Convinced he had scabies, he even shaved his head and wrapped his car seat and his chair in his classroom (he is an adult trainer) in plastic, as he was afraid to pass the parasites around. He had sleepless nights and even thought of killing himself. His boss even asked him if he was on drugs!

Finally, he went to the Internet to search and found out he might be having a condition called 'Neurocutaneous Syndrome' (NCS) and seek out the help of a doctor who is an expert in this condition. NCS is a broad term related to neurological disorder and one of the causes is mercury from teeth fillings leeching into the bloodstream over the years, resulting in the itchy symptoms. The doctor found a similar trait in NCS patients who displayed itch-like symptoms all over their bodies: they had excessive fillings in their teeth. Blood tests confirmed the man had NCS and he was put on a treatment programme straightaway, which included removing all the fillings in his teeth (the man had 9 fillings in his teeth) and detoxifying his blood. His condition finally improved, but not completely cured. At last he could carry on with his life.

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