If I've tried many things and children aren't responding?

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Why are things still going wrong with my children?

children attitude,
bad influences from school
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no control or guidance
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If I've tried many things and children aren't responding?

Postby lisadrome » Wed Feb 16, 2011 5:29 pm

Sharing with you a motivational take to life for a parent:
I recently read smt on parent pyramid: "Parents weren't meant to spend most of their time correcting their children, How do we help things go right, instead of react when things go wrong?"

I shared this in 'Sotong's' posting and would like to share with all too...

All of us know this distinction, For Ex. when parents are assembled and given a chance to ans Q about parenting some of these Q will sound like:

1. How do we stop our children from fighting?
2. What do we do when our children don't come home in time?
3. What do we do when our children fail to do their homework?

And actually what our Q sound like are:
1. How do we help our children love each other?
2. How do we teach our children to be responsible?
3.How do we help our children excel in the things they do?

In my understanding what this all means is that the solution is not to try still more of methods of correction but the solution is to do a better job of teaching- What are your takes?

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