What's the purpose of Life?

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Re: What's the purpose of Life?

Post by carebear » Sat Oct 15, 2011 2:49 pm

The purpose of life to me is for the continuation of our species and nothing else.
However since we are born into this world, it is up to us to make the most out of it.
We should indulge in things that we like so long it does not compromise our families or society. We must be responsible individuals, then only the world would be a better place.
We should strive for the better without being envious.

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Re: What's the purpose of Life?

Post by divzerotrainer » Sun Oct 16, 2011 10:54 am

Not everyone's purpose is the same or will be the same.

Just as human beings are part of the nature. There are different roles we play, different responsibilities we have, and different paths we take. For example, the purpose of a teacher is to educate their students to their best. The purpose of a chef is to create tasteful cuisine. The purpose of a commercial pilot is to transport passengers across continents safely.

Money is a tool, and used as a form of transaction. Money is made while we are serving our purpose, and helping more people. The more people you help, naturally the more money you make.

Finding your purpose may require you to look close to heart. Once you find your purpose, you will open up new opportunities and the door to happiness.

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Re: What's the purpose of Life?

Post by MadScientist » Sun Oct 16, 2011 10:41 pm

insider wrote:My daughter has been asking me several times from secondary school till now about “what’s the purpose of life?”

In the past, I used to answer her we live to be useful and meaningful human being who contribute positively to the world.

That answer actually couldn’t even satisfy myself as it sounded so hollow and shallow but that was the best that I could manage with her question.

I read a lot on Buddhism (and recently Taoism too) and spoke to friends.

Recently, I reached one of my life’s greatest enlightenments: “I am here to make $$$$!!!!”

Below is the conversation extract I had with my daughter few days back:

Her: Mum, why do we have to work so hard? At the end, we still will pass on and go. What’s the purpose of life?

Me: Our purpose of life is to make as much money as we can.

Her: Huh? I thought you ever said money is not so important?

Me: Mum thought through and changed my mind. In the past, mum used to think that after I make enough, I will slow down and then retire. But then if I retire so early, it will be such a waste of my experience and talent that your grandparents and God endowed me. So, I have to carry on working maybe till nearer to my final days.

Her: But you don’t need so much money to live and you can’t bring the money into the coffin as what you’d always told us.

Me: Girl, that’s my current interpretation of the purpose of life. That for those who are capable, they are supposed to make as much money as they can. Then, they have to distribute back to the society to those who are not as fortunate as them to make as much money. Mummy will change my will that upon my death, half of my assets will go to charity and half will go to my family. It is therefore important for me to make as much conscientious money as I can so that I accomplish my life mission at the end.

Her: Huh? So ‘wasted’?

Me: Mum used to tell you before that we cannot bring our wealth into the coffin. This still stands true. It is important for me to realize the purpose of life and to practice it, and in the process, praying that I can raise three kids and further descendents who will also follow my footsteps. Mum don’t foresee any three of you will have a problem making a living in the future and so if leaving behind too much of a fortune may do more harm than good to you. Mum finally can see the meaning of ‘making money’ and so am going to make it very happily now (I used to ‘push away’ earning opportunities coz I don’t need to make ‘more difficult’ money). Girl, God has given you a brilliant mind for a purpose and that purpose is never for you to work only for yourself. You see Uncle X, he has been doing charity work most of his life. He doesn’t need to be rich but he seems to be forever cheerful and happy. I want us to have lives like this.

Her: Emmm…I will need to go and digest your thinking…
Awesome answer...

I'd just add that for my children, they have to find out themselves what their purpose in life (destiny) are. They have the power to make their destinies, and with God's guidance, they will find and walk that destined path.

There is no one answer for everybody... We all came here alone, and will leave here alone.

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Re: What's the purpose of Life?

Post by veron5959 » Fri Oct 21, 2011 1:35 am

Great communications. I am intrigued by the little girl who actually asked this question. At a young age, she is already aware that there should be more to life than just what she is experiencing so far. Very fortunate to have a mum went hunting to help her daughter through this question too...

I chance upon reading about steve jobs's life journey on this website and there is an area which spoke about purpose of life, and also steve's speech too on how to live life. Hope it helps parents out there to answer their children this tough question. http://bit.ly/mVpD4s

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Re: What's the purpose of Life?

Post by Angelight » Thu Nov 03, 2011 6:54 pm

I've been contemplating this question recently too...or rather, I've been thinking: How can I live my life such that I will leave behind a legacy of love and happy memories for my loved ones after I leave this world?

Especially after I read this article about Emotional Will -- which is penning down words you want to but have not told your loved ones when you are alive. It's all about how you want to be remembered...so you have to live a life that your offspring and loved ones will remember with fondness and deep love.

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Re: What's the purpose of Life?

Post by starlight1968sg » Thu Nov 03, 2011 7:45 pm

I ask this question myself many times. I have yet to find my answer.

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Re: What's the purpose of Life?

Post by schweppes » Thu Nov 03, 2011 9:39 pm

My grandmother passed away recently and today (3/11) is her cremation. I have penned this poem in memory of her. Happened to chance upon this thread, and decided to post and share my poem here.

The Purpose of My Life

Today I mourn my grandmother’s passing
Today I bade her farewell
A wonderful grandmother, mother and wife
Today I celebrated my grandmother’s life

A woman illiterate, and yet
She raised eight children on her own
When grandfather left her widowed forty years ago
One wonders how she took to that blow

And yet she soldiered on
Bringing up her family the best she could
Not a grumble, self-pity or blame of fate
Remaining a pillar of strength for her children’s sake

My grandmother
A woman of substance is she
A woman I like to be

So, we ask
What is the purpose of life?
Who knows what that answer might be
But after today, the answer came clear to me

I want to be the mother that she was
Kind, loving and teaching her children well
When humility, patience and generosity matters more
Values that should remain my core

So, I had asked myself before
What is the purpose of my life?
Who knew then, what my answer should be
But after today, that answer became clear to me

To be like my grandmother
A woman of substance is she
A woman I like to be

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Re: What's the purpose of Life?

Post by Strparent » Fri Nov 04, 2011 11:58 am

imho, a lot of people spend too much of their time thinking about ( and getting upset/annoyed/envious ) what they DON'T have, what others have, what others do, what others should not do.

As the following clip indicates, Life is not about having everything, rather it's about making the best of everything you have.

An important trait is not to be affected by what others have, or what others achieve beyond our own, what others are doing that we perceived as not what we would do, etc etc.

An open heart, an open mind. :imanangel: :imanangel:


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Re: What's the purpose of Life?

Post by Angelight » Fri Nov 04, 2011 2:42 pm

hey Strparent, I've uploaded this meaningful video clip in my blog here too! And it was published on KSP not too long ago.

Yup, agree with you that we shouldn't envy others what they have that we want but do not have, cos that will only bring us alot of discontentment and unhappiness. Besides, there is no end to it. There will always be someone better, richer, more successful than us.

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Re: What's the purpose of Life?

Post by Seow Ting Ting » Sat Feb 11, 2012 6:26 pm

I ask this question to myself also

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