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Daddie's Girl....... Going Through Puberty With Dad

Postby buds » Sat Jun 20, 2009 11:09 am

I was a really small girl since young, small in frame. And it lasted thru' out
my secondary school years... embarassingly. I was then the undiscovered
Kate Moss... Singapore version. Small, skinny... almost skeletal.. :lol: So,
even when i was supposed to be a big da-jie by secondary school, i was
not. Btw, Kate Moss is a model...

Though that didn't stop me from bullying others in school... :evil: :lol: If
you have read in the KS Parents Love Story, hubs referred to me as ultra
flat.. chested.. or rather he described me as being as flat as the runway
at Changi Airport. :| (back in secondary school years ) ....... which was
actually extremely true. And this was until secondary three... yup, i was
one of those late bloomers. It was to my blessing though, cos being a
typical tom-boy i was thee most sporty & active girl ever. I just cudn sit
still.. Having period at a later stage made playing football..... basketball,
swimming & all its rigorous training... riding motorbikes (etc) very easy &
comfortable. I've got nothing to anticipate... like leakage or staining
issues. Never had to worry about "girl" stuff other girls were hoo-haa-ing
about... I was more the ball-sy kinda chick. Ahakz! :lol:

One night, i started feeling crampy in my lower abdomen and cudn sleep
peacefully. I thought i had the usual diarrhoea-ic tummy ache. Daddie
sensed that i was up a coupla times that night cause he heard my door
open and close a few times and saw the toilet light on. My door frame
was not a perfect rectangle so when the door was fixed, it left a sweeping
sound underneath. :roll:

On my third trip to the restroom, i came out to see Daddie in the kitchen.
"Sorry, Daddie... Did i wake you?" I said immediately. Feeling guilty that
he may have lost sleep from all the sounds i was making that night and he
wud feel sleepy later at work. All my dad cared about was how "I" was...
"Are you okay? Need charcoal pills? Cause i've got some in the medicine cabinet."
"Naaah, i'm fine. I'm just like having cramps in my lower abdomen but i
don't feel like it is due to the usual i-need-to-pass-motion kinda cramps.."
"Ok, drink some of this warm water and try to get back to sleep, ok?"

It didn't work. :(

The next time i entered the restroom, i saw brown spots on my undies and
thought i had accidentally excreted! :shock: Yikes!

I kept going for the toilet visits till finally i realised i had the full blown
period liao. :P Unsure of what to do, i wrapped up my lower body with
my towel and squat down to wash off the stains and i suppose the sound
of the water running from the tap woke my dad up again.. He peeped into
the toilet which was slightly ajar and asked, "Everything ok? Need to go
to the doctor? I can bring you.." From the corner of his eye, i saw him
glance-ing at the stained water in a small bucket i used for the detergent
mixture. Then just like that he was gone... i was like wuh? Where did he
go? He was just there a second ago.

After i was done, he was standing at the kitchen entrance and held out a
sanitary pad plus a hot water bag. He said, "Get fresh pair of undies and
put this on. Then, place this hot water bag on the crampy lower abdomen.
After this, you should be able to sleep already. Tomorrow i bring you

This time, it worked. :snooze: :wink:

I slept till the next morning. Thank goodness it was the final term break.
School wasn't due till next year which was roughly another 3 weeks time.
My dad woke up seemingly excited over this shopping trip and asked if i
was ready. My mum said, "Hey, Daddie told me that you've now become
a woman. Finally... " she said with a grin. I found out that was the pad from
her cabinet which dad gave me the night before...

Shopping was somehow weird that day cos i didn't expect what we were
reali shopping for. We seemed to keep hovering over women's items...
My dad was going around asking the sales ladies all sorts of questions.
First stop was the undies. My dad said to get some new ones cos i wud
be needing them in case i stained during the first few managing periods
occasions. Then, we headed to the brassiere department. He showed me
a few with "underwire" and said since i was still active in school for PE and
ball games, this wud be better support and wud seem less bouncy if i had
to run or jump and stuff. Didn't recall there were special sports bras then.
But he did get some ala sports bra kind of bra too... the stretchy kinds that
fitted at the rib cage. He bought me black ones cos if it rained and i got
drenched, the nips wudn show as obvious as those white ones. He still did
get the creme coloured ones and one skin coloured bra as well. We went
thru' together with the ladies from the brassiere department about sizing,
comfort... bra types... underwire... no wire... strapless... (etc). The ladies
were extremely helpful and helped inside the changing room too! I was
like being fussed around by mummies who were sooo taken by my dad's
hands-on approach relationship with me that they volunteered to help,
even when a few of them were not even in the same brand of bra section.
:wink: And plus... we were the first customers that morning.

At thee end of it all, Daddie bought me a week's full battle gear to start
with. Told me to try wearing them first and give feedback on the comfort.
He added that we wud be having another shopping spree next month about
around the same time as that day. I remember he bought mummie two
beautiful lacey bras with matching undies too! 8) Next, he brought me
shopping for pads. He showed me the kind mum used which was the
Kotex nite or something cos mum had heavy periods he shared. Good
for overnight comfort so one does not hafta wake up so many times to
change "diaper". Wuakakakakaa! He asked whether i knew which were
the brands my frenz were using and that i cud try them out, cos he said
young active girls will prefer the thinner ones like Whisper. He mentioned
wings and without wings. Wings won't stain the side of the undies too much
but the ones with wings might be cause a small discomfort during active
sports play... (etc)

We headed back for lunch with mummie and my two lil' brothers. They
both teased me BIG time about having to wear bras and all and that i
had to start being a girl now and NO FOOTBALL for me. Daddie then
explained to them... "Now boys, jie-jie having her period does not mean
she has to stop what she enjoys doing. Can still do sports and stay active
which is also good for her... enough about that and eat your lunch."

"After lunch, i wanna go through some stuff with you, ok?" This time, my
dad went through some articles/journals on menstrual cramps, having
periods, late bloomers, (etc). :wink:

I did wonder how Daddie got all these information reali cos there wasn't
the ease of using the internet back then. 8) But the fact that he did
compile all of them and took the trouble to explain them to me was
nothing short of amazing. Remarkably amazing... I have heard of boys
having a feminine side, but fathers understanding the feminine side of
their daughters.... RARE. I shared with my close friends with regards to
my pubescence... and my dad helping me through the initial phases and
they went like WUH?...WHAAT?... NO WAY...

Daddie was there for me every step of the way until i was independent
enough to manage periods on my own. :hugs:

After i was married to buds hubs... HE took over the "being-there-for-me"
role which was always... had been... only Daddie. Hubs buys the usual
packs for me, knows the wings and without wings thingies too.. and even
during my post-delivery stage... helped me all the way with the looped
maternity pads... with the warm showers... with the hot water bag... with
caring for baby extensively during the initial 2 weeks confinement (etc).

I dunno if you've heard of the saying, that girls tend to marry men that
take after their Daddies... assuming the girls are daddies' girls kinds...
But i suppose this is true for me..

I dun think i wud ever wish for a better father or a better husband than
what i already lovingly have now. They are the 2 irreplaceable men in my
life... together with my 2 brothers who have shared my life's journey with
me... They are my family, my life and my best friends! I share everything
under the sun with them. EVERYTHING! Hehehee... :wink:

I am not sure if this is the right thread to post this, but to the good men
in my life especially Daddie and Hubs... and all the wonderful fathers out
there a BIG Happy Fathers' Day from me...


To Daddie and Hubs, i love you so much.
Thank you for everything...

Cheerios everyone..
Have a fantastic weekend!


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Postby ZacK » Sat Jun 20, 2009 7:39 pm

Wow your dad is really amazing... He certainly knows his women, inside out literally, which is very rare indeed :celebrate:

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Postby RRMummy » Sat Jun 20, 2009 11:46 pm

Hi buds, as always :goodpost:

This is to all the wonderful amazing daddies out there!


Happy Father's Day.. :celebrate:

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Postby buds » Tue Jun 23, 2009 1:45 am

ZacK wrote:Wow your dad is really amazing... He certainly knows his women, inside out literally, which is very rare indeed :celebrate:

Yup, yup, yup!
My own RARE GEM! :D

I suppose Aidan was your advance Father's Day present...
What is he good at doin lately?

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Postby buds » Tue Jun 23, 2009 1:46 am

RRMummy wrote:Hi buds, as always :goodpost:

Thanks RRMummy! :wink:

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Postby Luvkid » Sun Jul 26, 2009 2:31 am

Miss this thread....Let's give it to all the papa (i prefer to call this than daddy) out there

"Happy Belated Father's Day!!"


Good for u to have the 2 loving men in your life. Treasure them and give in return. Your mummy is there and shouldn't she be the one doing the girl's stuff?

Me dun have ma by the side during my purbety. Well, i am not sad not to have her, cos she walked out of us......5 of us and our dear pa. Can u imagine? My youngest brother was then barely 5yo. My elder sis 16 yo. My growing up was being deal by my eldest sis. Pa dun have much worries on our growing up process, but yet he couldn't sleep well cos ma not with him. Remember how i helped pa to massage his head with medicated oil till he really ZZzzzz. For quite a long period of time. know how pa got to keep the family going without ma. He must have struggle very hard through cos eldest sis told us (when we were much older) that pa almost wanted to end his life.....At the moment, my tears flow....Pa has always a good man, he is not doing very well, but at least he fill us with his love, not by hugging & saying I LOVE U, but by all the things he has done for us. Only after we grew up, he had less burden in providing our education.

As fo ma, i still can't have a sense of bonding with her. I can't recall any good about her, BUT, yes, bad about her.....Even i became mother myself, i still can't to bring myseld to accept her in a way. I wonder why she can be so heartless to abandon us.....All of us still keep in contact with her, ya, i call her ma, but seems that not from the bottom of my heart....

Anyway, i have a great papa! And that's good enough. Opps! I married to one dun really resemble to my pa characters :idea: Well dh has his own way too. :politebleah:

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Didn't know how to...

Postby buds » Sun Jul 26, 2009 4:17 pm

She said she didn't know how to explain.. :politebleah:

And that her mother oso didn prepare her.. :|

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Re: Didn't know how to...

Postby Luvkid » Sun Jul 26, 2009 7:29 pm

buds wrote:She said she didn't know how to explain.. :politebleah:

And that her mother oso didn prepare her.. :|

OMG!! :shock: It should be easier??!! Maybe dun have reference book to guide through at then?? I remember that other than eldest sis helped me through physically initially, i read from the Home Econonmics textbook passed from sis to mentally prepare myself to turn to womanhood :wink: Now i have 2 boys, i have started explaining (using a simplified encyclopedia) on reproductive system for both boys & girls will be facing and also cover miracle of birth. Ds2 just listened, no question at all. Ya ds 1 question non stop like how lah, why lah .......Ya, feel a bit :oops: , but encourage ds1 to approach me when he is in doubt. I started this early bcos ds asked me what is that sanitay pad advertisement on TV. :P

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Postby buds » Sun Jul 26, 2009 8:01 pm

Other than her being awkward in explaining to
me cause no experience of her own mother
helping her through puberty(to look back on),
i also not very close to her... so guess that made
it more awkward bah... :P

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Postby buds » Sun Jul 26, 2009 8:02 pm

So.... whaddya' say to the advertisement question? :wink:

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