CBTL Single-Serve Coffee/Tea Maker & Frother

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CBTL Single-Serve Coffee/Tea Maker & Frother

Postby dovetail » Mon Dec 12, 2011 11:45 am

I've never used any other brand before. I'm very happy with this one so far. CBTL do not provide as many type of capsules as Nespresso but for me I don't mind smaller range as I tend to stick to those I like for a long time. Also, the CBTL is quite good looking.

Good thing about this machine is that it can make tea for hubby who is not a coffee drinker. You can do Chai, Morrocaan Mint, etc.

CBTL launching it's new model frother. Can't wait to get one so can make my latte and capuccino and creamy hot chocolate for the kids. CBTL frother has good review. The new model has water-proofed some parts I heard so that it doesn't spoil so easily when in contact with water.


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Re: CBTL Single-Serve Coffee/Tea Maker & Frother

Postby sakuratattoo » Wed Dec 21, 2011 11:24 pm

we also have this. we chose this over the other single serve systems because CBTL have tea capsules. i also love chai tea so can enjoy both coffee and tea in this system :)

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