O Level Results: Admission to NJC or Hwa Chong JC

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O Level Results: Admission to NJC or Hwa Chong JC

Postby HM » Tue Jan 11, 2011 4:40 pm

Dear Friends,

This is my first posting and pardon my ignorant. As I have been posted overseas, I have lost touch with Singapore system. I appreciate any help from parents, teachers or students. Thanks in advance.

My daughter just got her O Level results. She scored 10 points and with MEP (Band), the total is 6 points Nett. She is active in her school band (which won some awards)

1. She really wanted to get into NJC or Hwa Chong JC. But heard that the cut off is 5 points. Is this true?

2. Does she stand a chance to get into NJC or Hwa Chong JC with 6 pints nett?

3.How to increase her chance (e.g talk to Principal or Talk to Music Teacher leveraging on her band performance? or any other advice?

Appreciate anyone who can lend a hand...thanks.

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