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Postby HeinMin » Fri Oct 21, 2011 12:52 am

Hey guys, this is my first post on this awesome forum. I need some help.
First, I'd like to introduce myself so you guys can better judge if I have a good chance of being accepted into NTU or NUS. I've heard that both universities are incredibly hard to get accepted into, for an international student. I know it's long, but please bear with me till the end- it's very important for me. :)

I have just started studying as international student at MDIS(University of Bradford,UK, first year) in September, studying Mechanical Engineering. I have taken Edexcel GCE A level and received the following marks.
Mathematics : 555/600(Grade A)
Physics: 560/600 (Grade A*)
Chemistry: 552/600 (Grade A*)

I also have a report card with an overall percentage of 93% in 12th grade when I graduated. I have an IELTS score of 8.5, and have received a bronze medal in the International Junior Science Olympiad 2008(Busan, Korea). I have received distinctions in several International science and math competitions from Australia, and was ranked 8 in my country in a national Mathematics competition. In my GCE 'O' Level, I have received 5 A's and a B. I am from Myanmar and I wish to study Aerospace Engineering(or mechanical engineering with aerospace specialization for NUS, or just Mechanical Engineering as my second preference). I wish to transfer to either NUS or NTU after I finish my first year here, as I think that Bradford is not suitable for me. My family is not very financially privileged, so it is extremely important that I make the right choice. Please tell me about the chances I have of being accepted into NUS or NTU, and please advice me on which university to choose. Also, I wish to know if there is a chance of me receiving a scholarship of any kind. This is incredibly important to my life and my parents, so please try your best to educate me on this matter ASAP as NTU's and NUS's applications are open right now. I will apply to both universities. Thank you, and blessings.

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Re: NUS or NTU?

Postby meinteel » Sat Oct 22, 2011 1:24 am

Edexcel GCE A level is not common in Singapore. You will be required a good pass in 3 "Advanced" Level subject to make a competitive application. Even you are eligible, there is not guarantee of admissions. Generally, it is a good choice to transfer to NUS/NTU where possible. An external degree from the University of Bradford,UK under MDIS is not well-recieved here.

Being an international student (who is neither a Singaporean or PR), you can expect little help from the government or the government-linked universities. If you get into NUS/NTU, you can apply for ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarship offered by MOE. There is no bond but you will be required to work in Singapore (for any company of your choice) for a minimum period of 3 years. Scholarship placing is EVEN more competitive than admission to universities.

Another viable choices would be to seek corporate scholarships. Like the ASEAN undergraduate scholarship, your tuition fees (university fees) will be paid for, as well as given monthly/annual living allowances, computer allowances etc. However, you will be contractually bonded to work for the after graduation.

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