Calling all upcoming A-level graduates!

Is there life after O/A-Levels? Definitely! How well a person does in tertiary education is correlated with job opportunities open to the person. Discuss issues pertaining to nstitutes of higher learning here.

Calling all upcoming A-level graduates!

Postby adamtan » Thu Nov 10, 2011 1:05 pm

Have you considered what you are going to do during the first 8 months of next year before your admission to university? That is, unless you are due for your National Service. How about offering private tuition in your free-time while allowing yourself to explore your own interests during the day? This way, you get to save up for your university days and you might even begin to discover a new passion in teaching.

Therefore, register with us now at (an online tuition agency) for FREE and let your juniors know of your availability as a tutor by "liking" your own profile on Facebook. Tuition assignments are available all over Singapore.

One word of advice though: you might want to be realistic about the fees you can charge. Please refer to the tuition rates table under the column for undergraduates (Yes, you are about to become one).

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