What is A Levels English Lit like?

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What is A Levels English Lit like?

Postby momotea » Thu Dec 15, 2011 9:40 pm

Hi all,

My girl is Sec 4 this year and there is a chance she could pick Eng Lit as an A level subject next year in JC. The thing is, she didn't take Lit at Sec 3 & 4, but took triple sciences and SS/GE. She's a thoroughly arts person who likes to analyze things but she still picked trip sciences for a challenge when she was sec 2.

Having said that, she didn't enjoy studying triple sciences so she decided to take an arts combination next year. She has an interest in Lit, reads quite a lot, been getting A2s for English at Prelims (hopefully A1 at O levels since the standards at school are higher). But is interest a reason good enough to take Lit at JC level? What are the other important factors to excel in Lit? Any other parent care to share? :lol:

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Re: What is A Levels English Lit like?

Postby micko07 » Fri Dec 16, 2011 2:34 pm

I'm not a parent (just an ex-student haha!) but eerily enough, I was in virtually the same position as your DD. Did triple sciences in Upper Sec (I didn't even do a Humanities elective, just SS), had a change of heart and did an Arts combi in JC (H2 Geog, Econs, E.Lit, Math).

I don't think the lack of O level Lit will hurt her significantly - my friends who did O level told me that some aspects were different and they had to "relearn" whereas people like me started off on a blank slate. It's definitely possible to get an A if you work hard (Lit was my weakest subject, and my grades see-sawed from A to C but I did get an A for A levels in the end :smile:). Since Arts subjects involve lots of readings, actually liking what you study is very helpful since it makes studying more bearable and interesting. If she's analytical and has a strong command of the English language, I see no reason why she shouldn't take Lit.

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