Which JC and what subjects?

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Which JC and what subjects?

Postby infosages » Wed Jan 11, 2012 11:43 pm

My dd got 9 points raw score and 7 points nett score for L1R5.

Math A1
Add Math A1
English A1
Chem A2
Physics A2
Geog A2
SS/History A2
Chinese B3

She is contemplating H2 Math, H2 Econs, H2 Geog, H1 Chem.

I believe this is Arts stream? Any thoughts about this combo? Would this be good enough for entry to take up business degrees in NUS/NTU?

She is not interested in pursuing medicine/science/engineering degrees.

She has visited AJC's open house today but missed out on ACJC, SAJC and NYJC open houses. Can anyone share their thoughts about these JCs?

Thank you so much!

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Re: Which JC and what subjects?

Postby take_that » Thu Jan 12, 2012 3:43 pm

Yes, your daughter will be posted to the Arts stream if she takes H2 Math, H2 Econs, H2 Geog and H1 Chem.
It's a good enough combi to get into business courses in NUS/NTU (provided that she scores all As).
If she scored 7 points, I would recommend that she goes to ACJC. They are strong in arts and is a fun school. SA and NY are relatively fun schools too, although I'm not too sure how they perform in the A levels.
I should think that the reason your daughter only visited AJC's open house even though she scored 7 points and is thinking of going to the arts stream is because of special reasons like distance from home. Do you live near AJC? Although AJC is strong in science, if you wanna take arts I would recommend other schools. But if you live nearby, it's not that bad either.

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Re: Which JC and what subjects?

Postby tkbd » Thu Jan 12, 2012 9:53 pm

NYJC and ACJC are good choices.
These 2 JCs are able to strike a balance between academics and other activities.

AJC is too focused on academics, which may hinder all-rounded development. Strong in Science stream, but Arts stream wise, other JCs are better.

As for SAJC, rumour has it that the school hasn't been performing that well in recent years. Not sure though.

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