Do australian uni accept Chi related subs?

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Do australian uni accept Chi related subs?

Postby Babyfat » Tue Mar 06, 2012 1:38 am

Hi I just got my A level results and I wish to continue my undergraduate in Australia mainly accounting. I want to know if Australian uni do accept H2 or H1 Chinese related subjects like CLL and CSC in counting admission score.

Before I went to an Australian education fair and I've talked to most of their school representatives. I realised that some of the schools do not accept Chinese related subjects when counting your score. They either downgrade your H2 Chi related sub to H1 or worst they just take out that sub when counting scores. This put me in a big disadvantage because I only left two H2 subs for score counting which is absolutely not enough for most of the courses.

Anyone has encountered this before? I think this won't happen to local uni though. Your reply will be much appreciated.

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