Help in choosing PEI for Biomedical Sci course!!

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Help in choosing PEI for Biomedical Sci course!!

Postby AIJIATING » Fri Sep 14, 2012 1:48 pm

Hello all, kiasu parents.

I'm new to this forum and would like to learn more from you all, and hopefully make some kiasu friends as well. hahaha.

My daughter has completed her A level last year, but didnt do well so cant qualify for local uni. As parents, we know how hard is it for their generation to be without a degree cert. So diedie also must let her get a degree.

I'm not sure which school should i actually let her enroll for BSc in Biomedical Science.

My hubby & I've checked a few schools,

- Accredited by University of Bradford.
- Using their own lab facilities
- Minimum 3 years.
- Straight to Degree.

2) CSM Academy
- Accredited by Edinburgh Napier University
- Using A-STAR Lab facilities
- Advised to take Advance Diploma then straight to 3rd year Degree.
- Around 2.5 years to get 2 Adv Dip & Degree Cert.

3) PSB Academy
- Accredited by University of Western Australia
- Using own lab facilities
- Minimum 4 years.
- Straight to Degree.

As much as CSM Academy is not as well known as the other 2, but they're offering A-Star Lab. I heard that A-Star lab is top Singapore research center. So at least for the lab part, i think CSM has an advantage of the other 2. What do you all think??

& I've to make a decision quickly, cause the Adv Dip that CSM is offering is starting in Oct. So would appreciate all kiasu mama and papa's advice!

kum xia kum xia!


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