Some questions regarding JC?

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Some questions regarding JC?

Postby miyuka123 » Mon Oct 29, 2012 4:01 pm

I got a few ques that I want to ask regarding JC. Someone help me thankyouverymuch :lol:
What time do JC normally starts and end school? (Esp MJC)
Is Econs H2 hard?
If get B3 for HMT o levels, should I drop cl in alevel or should i continue?
Disadvantage of continuing and not continuing.
When is the first day of school for JC? I mean like after you got ur o level result.
What is the most impt thing to look for when choosing JC?
Is it wise for a 5 points scorer to go to a 9 point school?


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Re: Some questions regarding JC?

Postby Jfalk » Sat Nov 03, 2012 12:12 pm

1) Usually starts about 7.30 and ends anytime from 2 to 6, depending on your combi and CCA commitment

2) Econs is something O level students never touched before, but given that so many people take H2 Econs nowadays if you do your TYS and study properly it should be fine. Econs at A level is hardly as analytical as history nor nuanced as lit anyway. Similar to geog in terms of skills needed.

3) No need to take H1 CL in JC if you passed O level HMT. No disadvantage not to take.

4) 1st day usually in early Feb or so.

5) Depends. Location, programs offered, CCA offered, subject combi offered.

6) Good thing about 5 point sch is that you likely have abit more special opportunities and support for scholarship/overseas U applications not offered to mainstream JCs. Bad thing is more competition. So up to you. In the end if you want to go to local U (or UK arguably) its only grades that matter, so doesn't matter which JC you go to. if you want to aim for scholarships or US unis, then you need the CCAs and everything else.

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