Perfect Formula for Choosing H1/H2 Subjects

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Perfect Formula for Choosing H1/H2 Subjects

Postby Dr.Daniel » Mon Nov 19, 2012 1:38 pm

We have run a massive computer simulation taking data from every student that has graduated JC over the last ten years, plugging in which subjects they chose, taking into account H1, H2 or H3 selection and cross referencing their admission to a top University. We have included the trend of difficulty and percentage of A-Level A1 scores for each subject. The result of this simulation has produced a formula which will give you a 91.6% chance of University admission if you follow the following formula…………

Formula: Forget all that crap and do what interests you!

Why to take a subject: Take it because you want to learn that particular subject; because you might want to go further in that area; because this is something you may want to do with your life!

Why NOT to take a subject: Don’t take it because you found a magic set of past year papers at the bottom of a rainbow right next to a Leprechaun and a pot of gold. And all you need to do is memorize those solutions and its an easy A !

Our massive computer simulation has also given us the following formula for how to choose a job or career………

Why to take a job: Do something you enjoy! Now this doesn’t mean taking a job playing computer games all day. You have to be a little bit more practical than that. Yes you have to make a living at it, but find something that you like to do!

Why NOT to take a job: If you don’t like it, but you can get away with the minimum effort possible, but make 8.6% more salary!

So don’t go through life chasing the probabilities, playing a big numbers game, never having dreams and never having pursued your dreams. If you really do love the study of probability distributions, ask me some time in my Physics class about Quantum Mechanics.

Yes sure get A’s and kick butt in your subjects. I’m not talking about giving up on grades, I’m talking about the easier path to success. Don’t limit yourself to just being an expert on past year papers. Instead, use the opportunity in school to gain the actual knowledge and feel for a subject.
Then find something you like doing and give it your best shot!

You want to get ahead? To really stand out? Be the person on the job or in the classroom who really knows what the heck they are doing, who likes what they are doing and who excels at what they enjoy.

Daniel Milton Oman, Ph.D.

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