How many days before receiving APPEAL results?

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How many days before receiving APPEAL results?

Postby yoyoyozxc » Sat Dec 29, 2012 5:03 am


O levels results have yet to be released but I'm nervous already.

Q1: If I can't get into the school of my choice when i receive my posting results (usually at the end of Jan) and I appeal on that day, how many days later will the school inform me if i have succeeded/failed in the appeal? (from what I know, if 30 jan is the release of posting results, you have to report to the school on 31jan the next day)

Q2: Does orientation start immediately after reporting to school? I need clarification on this.

Q3: What do they look at when you appeal? & can i appeal using the fact that i was a prefect in my secondary school?

Thanks to those who reply to my question, in advance.

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Re: How many days before receiving APPEAL results?

Postby twilight » Sun Dec 30, 2012 7:47 pm

1. My friend appealed to Hwa Chong, and she only knew of her results a week after school has started. I suppose the length of time will depend on the school.
2. It depends on how you define orientation. I can't remember what I did on first day of school, mostly admin matters I think, but my school considered it as the first day of orientation. If what you mean by orientation is games, then maybe not full-fledged orientation yet. Just some ice breakers to get to know people.
3. Again, it depends on the school. Most schools will only accept people who they think can best contribute to the school, but there's nothing to stop you from appealing with whatever achievements you have or do not have.

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