Which jc is better for science? How to choose?

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Which jc is better for science? How to choose?

Postby Dilemmaperson » Tue Jan 08, 2013 1:26 am

Among the top two jcs, Hwa Chong and raffles, which is better? I got check the past few years of results in Olympiads, and raffles is dominant mainly. But, I heard from my teacher that HCI is better for science and raffles language or things of that ilk. Oh ya my favorite science is physics, and in the recent junior physics olympiad 2012, Hwa Chong scored most of the gold instead. Is this a sign that Hwa Chong is better in science or physics?
Other than science, I'm not sure which to choose overall..

I like raffles because...
The uniform is nice..and the school logo too. LOL!
The people there are quite nice as I know some of them..
Offer lots of good scholarships, reputable ones
Got raffles diploma to use for scholarships
Long history, established reputation and lots of resources (I think)
Evident results from competitions locally or internationally
Closer than Hwa Chong in location
Mostly middle income family? Or on the average equal in all income groups. Idk but I scared got discrimination later on ;( or sense of inferiority?

I like Hwa Chong because..
The school is super big, nice design.
Also got a lot of school support.
Seems like better support in terms of science
Better science scholarship? I heard, like A*STAR ones although I also heard A*STAR not very good..idk lol. Can't confirm.
People I know there also quite nice, although I met some very arrogant ones who likes to shoot people off with their flair of language and knowledge.. Also I heard there's lots of rich people study there o.o so there goes the same question again...
And yes the school very Chinese, but I like that! And school spirit seems better when I saw their videos (and songs their students create!)
Their culture I think is the most unique among all schools, who are mostly English派...
However, it's super far away from me..2-3 hours to and fro minimum? Compared to raffles 1.5 hour minimum. But actually their location also quite cool. I've been to that school long ago for competition. The school very big and fengshui, haha.

So what do you think? I need your help!!

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