Which JC after O's?

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Which JC after O's?

Postby theNSKlor » Sat Jan 12, 2013 1:43 am

Hi everyone,

I just received my O's results recently and I scored the following -

English A2
Combined Humanities A1
Emath A2
Amath A1
Bio A2
Chem A2
Chinese B3

my l1r5 is 10 raw.

sadly, i am not affiliated to any sch nor am I a HMT student. Also, i wasn't active in my cca. so my 10 points stands as it is.

since my points are 10, i'm deciding to go to CJC.

But with many of my 8 and 9 pointer friends suggesting me to try NYJC instead, i am actually stuck in a dilemma. i have zero idea about how NYJC is like, the culture and etc. the location is much more accessible than CJC for me though. however, i just went to cjc for their open house today and was really comfortable with the school there.

However, my l1r5 does not reach the requirement and might likely require me to appeal.

I am planning on entering the science stream and taking 3 H2 and 1 H1 in the BCME combo or if i actually enter CJC might be planning to take 4 H2s.

I actually don't know what to do in uni so i'll just take what I can and study hard to see what choices I am left with after A's. one thing i know for sure is I am more science than arts.

any advices? thanks alot!

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Re: Which JC after O's?

Postby meinteel » Sat Jan 12, 2013 2:35 am

As you were not active in CCA and probably did not represent your school/singapore in any competitions or join any special academic programs, it is unlikely for your appeal to succeed. Going for CJC would probably be a better option though you can put it as the 2nd option.

Most JC do not readily offer 4 H2 subject combination. You should check with CJC on the criteria should you be interested. Many JCs typically require the student to be a single pointer to qualify.

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Re: Which JC after O's?

Postby yoyoyozxc » Sun Jan 13, 2013 1:43 am

hi, i feel that the chances of you succeeding in the appeal is low because of your CCA point. if you were to have 1/2 bonus points for CCA it'll be easier even w/o HMT. you could try but the chances are very slim. be prepared to not be accepted even if you appeal into nyjc.

A LOT of people put NYJC as their top few choices. according to NYJC, 4000 people put NYJC as their top 3 choices in a certain year. many who qualify for NYJC also chooses to go NYJC coz of it's vibrant culture.

all the best.

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