For JC Students: Unsure of how to choose your subject combi?

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For JC Students: Unsure of how to choose your subject combi?

Postby eagle » Sun Jan 13, 2013 12:00 am

Hello, this compilation is for JC1 2013 students.

In early 2012, I have given a seminar on how JC1 students should choose their subject combination. In essence, plan from what you want to work, to what you want to study in university, to JC subject combinations.


I have had students who chose subject combinations based on what their friends or parents or teachers say. In the end, after A levels, they realised they could not get into the university course of their choice because they did not take the right subject combination!

This year, instead of having a seminar, I have decided to recompile all my slides into a printable pdf.

Direct download link:
* I am told that google docs does not support IE8, hence those using IE8 will be unable to download.

Hopefully, it will help students and make students think deeper about their future when considering their subject combination.

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