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Postby DAODAO » Sun Jan 13, 2013 12:03 am

My kid is getting a raw score of 13 with 1 bonus point and staying at woodland. He was telling me his choice are limited to SRJC, YJC, IJC & PJC, JJC and TPJC. Out of all the 6, IJC is the nearest follow by YJC and both cop is 20.

He went to JJC yesterday but didnt like the sch and thinking of PJC with cop of 16. However, now he was thinking to go to SRJC as the cop is exactly 13 and from what we see, the cop was getting lower and lower over the recent years. Can see from here JC Cut Off

So do you guys think SRJC is getting better and is an ideal choice for him despite the travelling distance.

By the way, how come some JC cop is constant whereas SRJC is getting so much lower over the past few years and getting close to CJC.

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Postby theNSKlor » Sun Jan 13, 2013 10:34 am

SRJC is a good school.

My friend scored 89 rank points for her A's (almost perfect score, just 1 point away). She's a student with an illness known as Keratoconus and was absent for many days. In fact, she even had a cornea transplant in her JC life, causing her to miss a lot of lessons.

And it is indeed difficult to catch up on lessons once you miss one because JC life is extremely fast-paced. She still managed to score almost all A's for her H2 bio, chemistry and mathematics and also for her h1 economics.

SRJC has constantly improved too. So i believe it is worth considering

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