(MassiveDoubts) Help Needed! 2013 JAE

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(MassiveDoubts) Help Needed! 2013 JAE

Postby StrivingHardKid » Sun Jan 13, 2013 2:03 am

Hi i am fixed as to whether i should head for AJC or NYJC.

Combined Humanities:B4

Raw score:10
Cca points:2 bonus pts
Affiliation:NYJC 2 bonus pts

I am interested in the science course and i heard that even if you meet AJC's cop of 8 for science course, they MIGHT still reject you. Should i risk it or should i go NYJC? AJC tends to produce better results and their teachers really prepares you well from what i have heard.

Also, i am interested in a scholarship after JC. If i were to go AJC and the demand for my desired subject combination is too much, will they look at your net score or will they look at your individual o level grades and see if you are eligible for the H2 subject and try to slot you into a class? I would like to take H2 PCME.

Thanks in advance for your help~

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