Appealing Subject combination

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Appealing Subject combination

Postby Yonghao123 » Sat Feb 09, 2013 11:28 pm

Hi all i have been in a dilemma about continuing in my school lately but i think i kind of sort out my thinking. But i am in a huge problem not currently i am in YJC and i have take the subject combination of H2 Geography Economics and English literature and H1 math. I kinda of like the combi but i realise i have very little option in uni courses so i want to appeal combination to H2 Math Chem Econs and h1 Physics. Although i like geography but if it means that i can have more options in uni i would not mind taking other subjects. My o level results are
B3-Eng,Comb sci(phy,chem),Comb humans(ss,lit),MT,POA
A1-E math
I know it is recommended that i take h1 math and arts but i really will put in the effort to do well as long as i have the chance. But i do not really know how to approach this problem. I have approach my form teacher she said she try help but i hope fellow ppl in the forum can really help gimme advice on what to do.

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