Selling A level materials

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Selling A level materials

Postby orangecandy » Sat May 11, 2013 4:19 pm

H2 Biology
1. RI lecture notes full syllabus - $50
2. Tutorial questions with full answers included- $40
(bound neatly into 2 separate books)
*Items 1&2 together- $80
3. Topical TYS from 2002 to 2011 *brand new* w/o ans key- $8
4. Yearly TYS, Papers 1,2,3 from 2004 to 2011 *brand new* - $15
(Answer key only provided from 2007-2011)
5. 2011 Prelim papers from all JCs, Parts 1,2,3 (brand new)
@ $20/part and $55 for all 3 books
6. Set of 12 RI exam papers with answer keys (includes CTs, promos, etc) - $40

H2 Chemistry
7. Topical TYS 2002-2011, Fairfield book publisher with full detailed answer key- $7
(Very little scribblings inside but still in great condition)
8. Yearly TYS 2007-2011 with full detailed answer key - $5
(Written in but still in great condition)
9. A level Study Guide Chemistry (H2) by CS Toh Edition 3.0.3- $7

H2 Mathematics
10. A complete H2 Maths guide for Pure Math, EPH Pte Ltd 2011 -$11
(consists of notes and worked examples, practice questions and fully worked solutions)
11. Past year topic by topic Worked Solutions 2002-2010- $8
(highly recommended for J1s to read before doing practice questions)
12. 2010 Prelim papers all schools - $13
13. A level H2 Mathematics handbook by Zac Chen, EPH - $5

H2 Economics
14. 2010 Prelim papers (10 schools)- $15
15. Yearly TYS Paper 1 &2 (2002-2010) with Worked solutions- $10
16. A case study guide for GCE A Level Economics, Pearson- $6
17. Economics Essay Library, Redspot publishing- $9

General Paper
18. School Reading packages (Arts and culture, Global issues) and Examiners Reports - $50

*All of the lecture notes and textbooks mentioned above are in tip-top condition and are relatively new, except for some notes I have scribbled which you may find helpful(:
*Only entertain meetups in the North/West/Central areas, and if total cost of items exceed $20.
*Please contact me at 8180 1469 if you wish to purchase any of the items listed above or if you wish to take a look at the items.

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