Is there life after O/A-Levels? Definitely! How well a person does in tertiary education is correlated with job opportunities open to the person. Discuss issues pertaining to nstitutes of higher learning here.


Postby Dr.Daniel » Thu Nov 14, 2013 10:11 pm

I've helped a lot of students get A's on their A'Level and IB Physics, so I will open up a thread for questions.

My mission on teaching physics is to get as many students to understand that the best way is to learn how to apply the concepts, and to develop problem solving skills. This is the value that you get from taking physics.

So when asking a question, please tell me what you think about the question so far and we will go from there. If you have the answer, please state it. I may not post long mathematical operations here, as typing all that out is cumbersome. But I can help you with how to think about the problems and how to approach the solution.

Also any questions about physics in general is fine, such as possible careers involving physics. I had a 14 year corporate life including engineering management here in Singapore, so I can provide advice on that too.

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