I need help!!! retake olevel

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I need help!!! retake olevel

Postby Dopecheck » Tue Jan 14, 2014 4:25 pm

i've scored L1R4 18points for my o-level. basically theres limited choices -_-

I've scored D7 for english, 3 B3s, 1A2. (sec 5 btw, 18 y/o this coming sept)

i'm eligible for certain courses in the various poly
however i'm thinking of retaking my english but i've no idea how should i go about retaking it because i'm under the old syllabus (1127) and not (1128). so, if i were to retake, will I fall under the new syllabus?

if i were to retake my olevel english, can i study poly and prepare for o-level english concurrently?

will there be a slimmer chance for me to enter local university?

or do you think i shouldn't retake my english?

please advice

i've to submit my jae by this coming friday!


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Re: I need help!!! retake olevel

Postby Karen Wee » Wed Jan 15, 2014 1:22 pm

Yup argee with quekcc. There are really people who do Poly and take English as a private candidate at the same time so you are not alone! :rahrah:

hmm...for the limited choices maybe you can try appealing to poly courses that you are really interested in but are two to three points lower. They might let you in since your other subjects are not bad, just that your English pulled it all down. Might need to pass their interview or something, so find one that you really have passion in so they could sense your interest and maybe let you pass. :sweat:

Also to help you with finding your course I have included a site with would show all the courses that you are eligible for when you enter your "O" Level score into the system.

Here the link: http://www.cutoffpoint.sg/polytechnic-courses-cut-off-point

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