URGENT: 11 nett COP which JC? SRJC?

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URGENT: 11 nett COP which JC? SRJC?

Postby kiasudog » Wed Jan 15, 2014 10:15 pm

I've asked before but I'll ask again.

I obtained the following COPs for O Levels:

L1R5: 13 (raw), 11 (nett) [all thanks to my B4 combined humans!!]
L1R4: 7

Apparently, selecting a JC would be a more preferred choice here.

I have been told that if I were to select Meridian JC (9) as my first choice, with no appeal, no outstanding factors, based on a 11 score, the chance of getting in is super unlikely, which is near to zero, but there is no harm trying.

Indeed, there is still a risk involved isn't it that the fact that if I place that as my first choice, will my second choice be compromised (in a way)?

And there comes the battle between Serangoon JC and Tampines JC, in which Serangoon has really improved over the years, but it's not about the attitude the school has on the students or self-discipline (getting into such JCs surely require extra self discipline) but it's a dilemma here.

I'm shifting to Sengkang in April, which means the distance could be quite nasty.

From here to TPJC: 30 mins or so
From SK to TPJC: 1 hour plus?

From here to SRJC: 35 mins or so
From SK to SRJC: 30 mins or so?

So apparently, SRJC wins lah... but then, it's more of MJC (impossibleeee) v SRJC (possible but putting it as second choice will it get me LOWER chance of getting into the JC in which if I place it as first choice it would be near to a 100% guarantee?)

Please advise, thanks, need submit liao..

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Re: URGENT: 11 nett COP which JC? SRJC?

Postby Karen Wee » Thu Jan 16, 2014 12:52 pm

Hmm i would not actually recommend that you try putting MJC as your first choice because i have a feeling that your chances of getting in is really very almost to zero since the COP difference is by 2. :sweat: Moreover, putting MJC as a first choice may also jeopardize your chance of going to SRJC if the number of application to that JC is high this year.

Also, since going to SRJC instead of MJC would save you 30+ mins each journey, that would add up to 1+ hr per day and almost 6 hrs per week! :yikes: Given the heavy JC cirriculum i would advise that you go somewhere nearer and save the time for studies or relaxation. :wink:

If you are interested in an easy way to see all your eligible JCs or Poly courses do visit these two sites that i found.


Just key in your respective cut-off point for JC or Poly and the system would automatically give you all your available choices.

Good luck with your JAE! :rahrah:

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