Which JC should i go? Please help!

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Which JC should i go? Please help!

Postby SkyVion » Thu Jan 16, 2014 11:28 pm

Hi everyone! I got a raw score of 11 and I can subtract 4 points so it's a net score of 7. I want to go ACJC science stream but I'm one point away so I don't know if I should go to other schools' science stream or go in ACJC by art stream (which I'm not even sure I can get in) and then appeal for science stream.
I might try appealing into AC since it's so near my house I can just walk there, but I really have no talents and my CCA records are really nothing to brag about, so... T.T

Anyways, these are my results!
English - A2
Chinese - A1
Higher Chinese - B3
E. Maths - A2
A. Maths - A2
Combined Humanities - A1
Biology - B3
Chemistry - B3
Physics - B3

Do I even stand a chance when none of my science had distinction? ;___;
Anyways thanks in advance for your time and suggestions! :D

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Re: Which JC should i go? Please help!

Postby Karen Wee » Fri Jan 17, 2014 11:53 am

Maybe you can try putting ACJC arts stream as your first choice then followed by other JC's science stream? Nanyang JC seems to be a good choice as it is located in the circle line too. But the other most important thing that you might want to ask yourself is what degree to you want to pursue when you are in Uni. If you are more interested in getting a Business, Social Sciences or Arts degree then being in the Arts Stream would be fine for you. However if your aim is to get a Science degree then I really wouldn't recommend that you get into AC's arts stream then try to appeal to science as it is a rather risky move because there is a high possibility that the school might not grant your wish. :sweat:

If you are still interested in seeing what are the other JCs and Poly courses that you are eligible for, do visit these two sites that I have found.

http://www.cutoffpoint.sg/polytechnic-c ... -off-point

Simply just key in your respective cut-off points for JC or Poly and the system would automatically give you all your available choices! :rahrah:

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