Advice on Admission to RJC via JAE and Appeal

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Advice on Admission to RJC via JAE and Appeal

Postby RM-2097 » Fri Jan 17, 2014 7:30 pm

I sat for the O levels last year and received my results on Monday. I have a raw score of 7 points and a net score of 3 (-2 for CCA, and -2 for MSP) I got the following grades for the respective individual subjects:

English: A2 Hindi (MT): A2 Math: A2 A. Math: A1 Chemistry:A1 Biology: A1 Physics:A1
SS/Geog: A1 MSP: B3 CCA: A2

It's pretty obvious that I messed up a good number of papers, but I figured that since I met RJC's COP (albeit partial), that there's no harm applying. So I put it as my first choice during the JAE. I just wanted some opinions from other more knowledgeable people on the odds of me getting posted to RJC. Here are some more details about myself:

» I am a PR.
» I don't have HMT since I take a non-Tamil Indian Language.

Also, I would like to know how to go about appealing to RJC. They have't uploaded much information on the admissions page. Are there two types of appeal, e.g. Academic and CCA? What are some things which I will have to fill up in the form? Do they want a personal statement? How can I make myself a stronger candidate for appeal? Thank you in advance to anyone replying to this thread for your honest opinion.

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