You Don't Learn GP In A Deadpan Classroom

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You Don't Learn GP In A Deadpan Classroom

Postby MootSingapore » Fri Mar 14, 2014 4:26 pm

Dear Parents,

I completely empathise with your desire for your child to achieve excellence in their General Paper (GP) examinations. Linguistic mastery forms the cornerstones of academic and corporate success and it's crucial that the fundamentals are fostered snugly from a tender age. GP can also play a pivotal role in securing admissions into a number of highly contested university courses and could be the deciding factor in your child's professional future.

While grammatical rules can be memorised through rote learning, a natural application of the language comes with consistent practice and repeated exposure to good English.

For your child to tackle his or her GP examinations with ease, he or she needs to first demonstrate fluency with the language in every-day situations. It would be unwise to imagine that they can achieve isolated excellence in their examinations if they are not already using the language competently in their daily interactions with others.

MOOT was established precisely to plug this gap in our education system. Your child will be allowed to interact with other peers in guided conversations, so that he or she can feel safe practising English in a natural setting and have any mistakes corrected immediately by a proficient instructor.

Fun is, of course, an inherent part of the process so you can rest assured that your child will start being excited by the very thought of intellectual discourse and begin to view each examination as an exciting challenge that he or she can confidently handle.

If this sounds like a splendid idea to you, do visit to find out more about how our programme will be of enormous use in helping your child improve his or her linguistic fluency and, in time, wield the language with confidence and style!

Do feel free to drop me a call at (65) 9632 4747 and I'll be glad to assist you further.

Warm regards,
Christopher Chye
Director and Chief Adjudicator
MOOT Singapore
Tel: (65) 9632 4747


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