Chinese Language Syllabus B

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Chinese Language Syllabus B

Postby Momsiekins » Thu Jun 26, 2014 11:29 am


I'm considering letting my Sec 3 son take up CL "B" syllabus as he is absolutely miserable studying it and is almost illiterate in MT, in spite of the many years of studying MT and endless money spent on tuition. Even if he continues in MTL, he will not be using it for his L1R5. He is doing relatively well in all his other English-based subjects. I am looking at this purely from the standpoint of meeting MOE's JAE criteria of a "Merit or Pass in CL "B") for entry into a JC. My son does not want to go to Poly. I also understand from NUS admissions website that he also only needs a Merit or Pass in CLB to get in.
Would greatly appreciate some veteran parents' advice on this.


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Re: Chinese Language Syllabus B

Postby 12mum » Thu Jun 26, 2014 12:53 pm

Hi I am no expert on this issue. I am just doing what I could for my dd who switched to clb in sec 3.

Reason of switching is due to her struggle with this language and it is obvious no way it can be part of l1r5.

Her school doesn't offer clb so she has to attend lesson once a week (pm) 3-6pm in another school. There are not many lessons. For eg lessons started 2-3 weeks after term 2 and ended near end April. Sometimes lessons ended at 4.30 or 5 too. So how much is taught in class to help them cope with o lLevel clb exam is anyone's guess.

As lesson is conducted outside school and lesson could be boring and my dd is the only one from her school, she can get quite lazy. So discipline is very important. It is important to do your own revision weekly too.

Also for last year there is no materials to help her just text book and activity book. Nothing on listening comprehension and oral. Luckily this year there is this 同步练习 which is of some help.

We can't use secondary assessment books cos they are obviously too hard for her. P5/6 ok. My personal feel after going through the books is it is very easy to pass but my gal doesn't think so.

Thee is no tuition centre that offers clb tuition too.

Dd just sat for her o level clb exam. We prepared her just based on the text book, activity book and 同步练习。and Next week is listening and oral. :sweat:

Yes u need a pass/merit to go to jc but not uni unless you are looking at the Chinese courses in uni.

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