Yale NUS vs Mainstream Singapore Uni

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Yale NUS vs Mainstream Singapore Uni

Postby Leewk » Tue May 12, 2015 10:43 am

Any parents have children currently in Yale NUS ?
Can share experience and reasons for choosing Yale NUS.

My daughter (or most teens) loves the experience as portrayed by Yale NUS with its international exposure and many external opportunities.

As parent we are more inclined towards our mainstream Uni such as SMU/NUS (accountancy) which more or less provide a professional career suitable in our local context.
With Yale NUS which is typically a Liberal College which you will get a general Degree in Science or Art and job prospect currently is unknown as the 1st batch of students will only graduate comes 2017.

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Re: Yale NUS vs Mainstream Singapore Uni

Postby slmkhoo » Tue May 12, 2015 11:26 am

I have no specific info, but I have 2 daughters getting to university age in the next couple of years. I think the main question to answer is which course your daughter is actually interested in, without being mesmerised by the marketing materials. A professional degree may be "safer", but if she is not interested, it's probably not a good choice. From what I hear of liberal arts courses, students need to be broad in their interests, and willing to be open to exploring different kinds of careers in the future. Some kids will prefer "safety" but some will find it stifling. Some kids have the innate confidence to cope with whatever comes, and some will find it scary. Maybe get your daughter to do a bit more self-reflection and research about the courses and prospects and see what suits her better?

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Re: Yale NUS vs Mainstream Singapore Uni

Postby havok_ex » Wed May 13, 2015 12:41 pm

IMO, I think its overhyped. You get the Yale brand name on top of the NUS branding, so that's a plus. But otherwise, there's not much to Yale-NUS that I admire. The courses they offer is similar to whatever NUS is offering. They say that their education is 'broad' because they take modules from different subjects. But in fact, any NUS/NTU student can mimic their curriculum because we have electives that we can use to take modules from other areas.

They have 2 majors that the other universities do not have which is Anthropology and PPE. And those overseas expeditions? The other universities do that too. SMU for example was the first to pioneer the whole overseas CIP thing among the local universities. Students are expected to stay on-campus too which is not much different than the halls of other universities. The only plus point there seems to be is a better teacher-to-student ration.

So honestly, I feel that there's nothing special about Yale-NUS. Other than the fact that they take less modules directed at their major. Which is something I find quite difficult to come to terms with especially if one decides to continue on to post-graduate studies and academia. I'm still unsure how they would fare in the workforce, but I would expect no difference between them and regular NUS students.

The difference between say, majoring in Philosophy in Yale-NUS and majoring in philosophy in NTU/NUS seems marginal.

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Re: Yale NUS vs Mainstream Singapore Uni

Postby sushi88 » Wed May 13, 2015 1:22 pm

1. The enrolment in this university is quite limited so it would be tough to gain entry into this uni.

2. It offers interesting double degree combo

3. As a collaboration with Yale, there would be lecturers they can bring on board from Yale

4. Personally, I feel that this uni will attract people who want an American education but need not travel so far to have it. For the locals, it may just be one of the choices of universities. However, for the region, it is a much coveted option if they are not keen on a Singapore-flavoured education.

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