NUS Entry Requirements 2009

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NUS Entry Requirements 2009

Postby James Ang » Tue Mar 30, 2010 9:15 am

Criteria for entry to NUS using A Levels - Indicative Grade Profile ... e-igp.html

NUS Courses Representative Grade Profile 3H2/1H1

10th percentile 90th percentile
Faculty of Law
School of Medicine
Medicine* AAA/A AAA/A
Nursing* CCC/B AAA/B
Faculty of Dentistry
Dentistry* AAA/A AAA/A
School of Design & Environment
Architecture* BBB/C AAA/A
Industrial Design* BCC/C AAA/A
Project & Facilities Management BBB/B AAB/B
Real Estate BBB/C AAB/B
Faculty of Engineering
Engineering ABB/B AAA/A
Bioengineering AAB/C AAA/A
Chemical Engineering AAA/A AAA/A
Civil Engineering BBB/B AAA/A
Electrical Engineering BBB/C AAA/A
Environment Engineering AAA/A AAA/A
Engineering Science AAB/C AAA/A
Industrial & Systems Engineering AAA/A AAA/A
Materials Science & Engineering AAA/C AAA/A
Mechanical Engineering ABB/B AAA/A
School of Computing
Computing BBB/B AAA/A
Faculty of Engineering & School of Computing
Computer Engineering BBB/C AAA/A
Faculty of Science
Pharmacy AAA/A AAA/A
Science ABB/B AAA/A
School of Business
Business Admin AAA/C AAA/A
Business Admin (Accountancy) AAA/B AAA/A
Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
Arts & Social Sciences ABB/C AAA/A
Arts & Social Sciences (MT related) BBB/C BBB/B

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